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Because belief systems are held with such passion, the confrontation with reality can be disturbing. Below is a small but interesting list of things we know today. Think of it as a reality check. Can your belief system handle these realities, or are you in one of many camps (religious, scientific or philosophical) that dismisses one or more truths in order for you to be “right”? This is a question of integrity. See how you fare:

Our known universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old and Earth is slightly more than 4.5 billion years old

There is tremendous evil and pain and suffering on this planet and in this life.  If someone claims that a loving God is in control, this needs to be accounted for.

In 1995, Stanley Miller made us aware that base pairs of RNA assemble naturally under drastically different temperature requirements.  For this and other reasons, we have no valid explanation of how self-replicating material could have assembled on Earth 3.8 billion years ago.  And biologists like Francis Crick suggest that we must look beyond Earth to find where the building blocks of life arose.  [This often comes as a huge surprise to professors and other scientists.  Most have no idea how much we know and how much can be ruled out regarding this dilemma.]

The scripture quoted by Christians that the Bible is the inspired word of God, does not suggest that the entire Bible is inspired.  The Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy is referring to the Scriptures (Jewish Tanakh), not to the New Testament

Earth is among the first planets to form in this universe that can contain the range of elements necessary to sustain life for billions of years.  Since no planets could have developed such carbon-based life forms prior to Earth’s formation, no aliens could have brought material to Earth to start life here.

There are prophecies and vivid details of the life and death of Jesus written {in the Jewish Tanakh} hundreds of years before he was born

If Biologists hold themselves accountable to the constraints of astrophysics, it looks at this point in time, that the only explanations for our kind of life on Earth is either from something along the lines of M-Theory [as Stephen Hawking suggests] or from some incredibly intelligent source [a God] that is outside of our space-time dimension [outside of our universe]

As intriguing as modern Philosophy is, a philosophy built on faulty assumptions should not be considered as a relevant belief system.

The person featured in these videos is a Statistician.  I have done some world-class work in the area of game theory.  I am a Christian critical of some American Christian teachings that deviate from scripture, history and science.  I do not pretend to be “better” than others.  I just want to set things right.  I have spent over 25 years assessing scripture and science and searching for logical evidence for the existence of a God.  Featured on this website are some of my discoveries.  What I have built, with the help from other sources, is a belief system that can obey all of the constraints listed above. 

There are short videos in the Video library on topics ranging from Biology and Astrophysics to Signs and Prophecies from the Jewish Tanakh. There are two introductory videos on this home page along with The Message, a 49-minute video presenting the core of the proposed belief system from a scientific, religious and philosophical standpoint.

New videos: A series of videos on Accurate Doctrine is being added to the link Resources under Videos 

Have We Been Contacted by a God?

The Message: a 49-minute video presenting a relavent belief system

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